Welcome to Planning and Launching for Shared Services 2016

Getting Back to the Basics for Shared Services

Shared Services models can reduce operational costs by approximately 20-50% which translates into over $230 million in annual savings for typical global companies.

To help you to also leverage the power of shared services, SSON is pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural Planning and Launching for Shared Services 2016 summit– the only Australian event specifically focused on the planning and early phase of your SSO journey.

So whether you already have a SSO and are adding another function, building another function or just launching a brand new model - this is the place you can get your questions answered. Discuss strategies with peers and hear lessons learned from those who have been through this phase.

Specifically designed as a ‘how to’ step-by-step guide to helping you understand where to start and succeed – all in just 2 days!

Plus attend our Change Management for Business Transformation focus day. This interactive, separately bookable, one day program will showcase the A-Z of change management and to ensure the alignment of all technology, processes and people.

Be sure to join us on 15-18 February, 2016 in Sydney to learn from your peers who have gone through the journey of setting up a SSO. Get feedback on your plans and thoughts and find out which model works best for your business.

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Why Shared Services and Why Now?

  •  Developing a business case for holistic buy-in
  •  Gaining the internal buy-in you need to make your SSO real
  •  Choosing a location- identifying the main criteria to lookout for
  •  What talent should you look for and how to retain employees for long term growth
  •  Managing the people most impacted by the transition
  •  Effectively implementing your IT systems for scalability and interoperability
  •  Driving down the costs and complexity associated with service delivery
  •  Aligning SSO performance and execution with overall business strategy
  •  SSO Models - Captive, Hybrid or something else?
  •  Process Management – what are the areas you should focus on from the beginning
  •  Change management strategies

Who Will I Meet?

  •  Head/ GM of Shared Services
  •  CFO, Finance Director/ Finance Operations
  •  HR Director/ HR Operations
  •  Procurement Director/ Procurement Operations
  •  Head/ Director/ Manager of Change Management

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